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                 Sewer Cleaning             

Here at Drain Kings, we consider your main sewer line the heartbeat of your home. If your main sewer line becomes clogged or backs up, it can render your home inhabitable!

Your main sewer line is the main pipe that handles all of your other drain lines and transfers waste water to the city sewer system or septic tank. When this clogs or backs up, it basically makes your other drains useless. This line is often forgotten about when it comes to general maintenance because it is underground and not seen.

Most folks believe that they can’t afford to maintain it. Well, we are here to tell you - You can’t afford not to maintain it!  


For most people, the image of raw sewage backed up into their home is a nightmare!


We have state of the art equipment to open and clear most blockages and to maintain and clean your main sewer line to solve your problem or prevent such nightmares from happening.

There are some situations that occur – such as heavy root intrusion or mechanical integrity of the pipe – that make cleaning of the pipe not possible. This requires excavation of the pipe to repair or replace and restore the line back to operating condition.

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